Thursday, December 3, 2009

Food Stuffs part 1

I should have made this list a month ago before I started to try and be some what more healthy, but still a lot of the stuff still applies.

When it comes to snacks, I'll take salty snacks over sweet/sugary ones any day. This means chips over chocolate bars, almost 99% of the time. I rarely ever get a craving for a chocolate bar, and if I do it is a very select few. Oh! Henry, Coffee Crisp, Almond Snickers and Skor. With the Skor bar I will almost always eat all of the chocolate off of it first and then just eat the yummy inside crunchy part on it's own.

In terms of chips my absolute favourite are these awesome Frito Lays ringaloo type things called Hoops. East of Ontario I have only been able to get these in two locations. One in Halifax, at my old job in the vending machine. The other, in PEI at my job, in the vending machine. But there, only once I have I witnessed them being in there. I bought 4 bags. Then they vanished. In Thunder Bay was the first place I have saw these delicious things in a large bag, there and westward. In halifax I went on a quest to find a large bag of these. The same company make something similar, like if the hoops were stretched out flat. BUT, the bag is a slightly different shade of colour and the taste is very different. Amazingly salty. Too salty even for me, more on that later.

Other chips and salty snacks I like are Roast Chicken, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt and vinegar and zesty doritos. I used to only eat nacho doritos, but then they changes the reciepe and I can't stand them now. In addition to these. Popcorn and corn twists. Crunchits are purchased rarely, as I will never finish a full bag.

Bits and Bites will be purchased and then organized into each individual type, where I will eat the shreddies and pretzels and give away or disregard the remaining items.


I am pretty simple when it comes to breakfast. I don't stray very often.
Eggs. Fried, scrambled, poached and boiled. All well done please. Hard yokes. I don't care if it is bad for me. No dunking of toast in egg goo for me and no ketchup on my eggs please.
Toast. White bread always. I will eat wholewheat if I get it. Multigrain and the likes tastes like dirt to me.
Meat. No sausages. Ever. Bacon, Ham and Balogna all well done please.
Hash browns or wedges. It doesn't really matter, i'll eat them but I need ketchup.
Water or apple juice for a drink. No coffee. Ever. I don't drink coffee or tea. I used to get a soda with breakfast, but since cutting down on soda's I haven't gone out for breakfast.
Salt and pepper.
No omlets or anything involving cheese.

I stay away form most condiments except for ketchup. I only eat mustard on MacDonalds burgers. Speaking of them, I only eat onions on MacDonald's burgers, mom's hamburgers and stuffing.
No Mayonaise on anything. ever. I will rarely send food back. the one time I will every time if there is mayonaise involved.

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