Friday, November 20, 2009


Wintersleep's Paul Murphy and his brother, Michael, will release an album as Postdata on Jan. 26 through Sonic Records.

Paul Murphy began working on the self-titled album a few years ago in Yarmouth, N.S. at his parents' house with his brother.

"We had a little too much time on our hands," Murphy says. "Some scotch, too. We wanted to make a present for mom. She'd had a rough year. With a little preparation (a laptop, no microphones, click tracks, or even tunes come to think of it), we recorded about 12 ideas and we went our separate ways."

The brothers reconvened eight months later in Halifax to rehash the songs and record some new ones. This time, they used microphones and click tracks, and consumed less scotch, too.

"Some of the songs turned out to be fuller and more mature after a second take, better than expected," Murphy says. "Other songs maybe didn't quite hit the mark. But the recording as a whole, the half-finished early conception somewhat fragmented material, seems to do something quite nice."

You can hear "Tobias Grey" here.

Here are the songs on Postdata:

"In Chemicals"
"Paranoid Clusters"
"Tobias Grey"
"The Coroner"

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