Thursday, November 19, 2009

update??? holy shit!

Man, I am super slack at updating this. I guess I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with it. At first it was going to be for shows and such, but since I post on locals the board and locals the front page, facebook and twitter, adding one more doesn't seem to make sense. So this will probably end up being more of just my personal blog.

Some interesting facts from my life as of late.

1. I now do 150 sit ups a day at the gym, with the ab roller thingie. Not super full sit ups that will break my back, but hey, it's a start. I'm fat. That is in addition to the other crap I do at the gym.

2. Weird things I have seen at the gym so far. Naked old lady who got confused and took a shower in the men's locker room. Old naked dude, shaving in the nude, stops mid shave, walks over and takes a piss, flushes mid piss and continues to piss after the flush, finishes shave and then walks to shower. weird.

3. The only regular soda I have drank in the last few weeks is with booze. I am all diet soda. Not sure if I prefer diet pepsi more than diet coke, but they only have diet pepsi at work. Lame.

4. Sleepless Nights are playing in Fredericton with Kestrels on the 28th. I am excited for this. I am going over the night before to see Share, Slate Pacific and Quiet parade. This will be fun, as I used to be in QP. Plus it's Fredericton! I had to miss the last Sleepless Nights show which broke my stone heart. Music Nova Scotia Yarmouth. Which is the band's home town. Mega Sad. I got mega drunk in my room and surfed the internet a lot that night. But I am glad to be able to make the Fredericton show, which is the bands other home town.

5. There has been a lot of good shows in C'Town lately and more coming up. I've got to see Syracuse Me, Living with Lions, Immaculate Machine, Smothered in Hugs, Death Avengers, Death Valley Driver, Fugato, Uigg, Sister Jack and Raccoon Bandit. Coming up, More Death Avengers, Wax Mannequin, Brian Borcherdt, Julie Fader. Milk & Rectangles and more Raccoon bandit + Sister Jack.

6. I am looking at getting a new synth/sequencer/sampler for christmas. I am looking at either or

7. Trying to record some riffs the other night I accidently fried my input and headphone jack on my macbook. There is a bypass switch on my compressor and when i turned it on, that wasn't on and my amp just sent a mega hot signal to the jack. I am looking at getting a lil usb sound card. Behringer makes one that has both input and output and they are both 1/4" jacks.

8. I am also fairly obsessed with looking up very large file sized pictures of old exploration and science stuff. I was looking for Boards of Canada images and found this image that they have used a lot and I am obsessed with it.

here is a HUGE version.

and here is a bunch of info about it. Wikipedia Article

"The whole descent took 13 minutes and 45 seconds and set the current world record for the highest parachute jump.[3] During the descent, Kittinger experienced temperatures as low as −94 °F (−70 °C). In the free-fall stage, he reached a top speed of 988 km/h (614 mph)."

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